What you will get:

Thirteen topics, two lessons each, and one 1-1 call for each topic to dig into your personal story, goals and wellness -AND/OR- to explore how you can work the knowledge into your wellness practice for clients.


Each topic will help you better understand how circadian and quantum biology control reproductive health and how to apply this knowledge to day-to-day life in order to increase vitality and reduce the risk of complications in the childbearing year.

First Moon: The circadian rhythm in reproductive health

The circadian rhythm controls what happens when. In these two lessons, you will learn how the circadian rhythm supports fertility by optimizing cellular and mitochondrial health which in turn carries upward to support systemic wellbeing.

-circadian impacts on reproductive health for women

-circadian impacts on reproductive health for men

Second Moon: Circadian disruption in challenges to reproductive health

Circadian disruption is associated with almost every chronic comorbidity that complicates reproductive health, as well as most preventable complications specific to female and male fertility. In these two lessons, you will learn about the most common reproductive complications associated with circadian disruption.

-circadian impact on diseases and challenges to female reproductive health

-circadian impact on diseases and challenges to male reproductive health

Third Moon: Quantum biology in reproductive health

Quantum biology is the study of how the smallest things impact life. In these two lessons, you will learn how healthy and abundant subatomic movements of protons and electrons lead up to powerful vitality that optimizes reproductive health.

-quantum biologic impacts on reproductive health for women

-quantum biologic impacts on reproductive health for men

Fourth Moon: Quantum biologic challenges to reproductive health

Lack of subatomic activity leads to cellular dysfunction which leads up to systemic problems in human physiology. In these two lessons, you will learn about how quantum biologic problems impair fertility and increase the risk of negative reproductive outcomes.

-quantum biologic impacts on diseases and challenges to reproductive health for women

-quantum biologic impacts on diseases and challenges to reproductive health for men

Fifth Moon: Preparing for a Circadian and Quantum Birth

Together, circadian and quantum biology play huge roles in redox, free radical scavenging, and the patterns of hormonal secretion that lead to healthy, physiological childbirth. In these two lessons, learn how to account for the circadian and quantum needs of birthing families.

-circadian and quantum considerations for choosing and optimizing the birth suite

-circadian and quantum impacts on labor and delivery

Sixth Moon: Circadian and Quantum Considerations for the First Trimester

The first trimester is unique in it’s use of oxidative stress and autophagy to facilitate implantation and placental development. In these two lessons, learn how circadian and quantum biology can support this process—as well as how neglecting them can lead to complications ranging from the mildness of morning sickness all the way to the tragedy of miscarriage.

-circadian and quantum impacts on development in the first trimester

-circadian and quantum impacts on complaints and complications of the first trimester

Seventh Moon: Circadian and Quantum Considerations for the Second Trimester

The second trimester is often considered the easiest for families. That makes it a perfect time to integrate circadian and quantum lifestyle practices leading up to birth, postpartum, and family life.

-the circadian control of sleep and thereby, peripartum mental health

-the circadian and quantum control of digestion and nutrient assimilation

Eighth Moon: Circadian and Quantum Considerations in the Third Trimester

The third trimester is a time of growth and the finalization of everything that needs to happen before birth. In these two lessons, learn about how circadian and quantum biology specifically help everything that needs to happen in the third trimester—as well as how problems in these areas can manifest in the most common complaints and problems of this time, from disrupted sleep up to premature birth.

-circadian and quantum impacts on development in the third trimester of pregnancy

-circadian and quantum impacts on complaints and complications of the third trimester

Ninth Moon: Circadian and Quantum Children

The circadian rhythm is programmed in the womb and the first 2-3 years of life. Learn how this carries on to determine health outcomes across the entire lifespan of the child.

-quantum and circadian impacts on infancy and childhood

-quantum and circadian impacts on puberty and young adulthood

Tenth Moon: Circadian and quantum optimized seasonal traditions and holidays

As the light, temperature, and humidity change across the year, so do the day-to-day aspects of living a pro-circadian and quantum biologic lifestyle. In these two lessons, learn how these changes affect our biology, as well as strategies for staying in harmony with the Earth across the year.

-how daily habits link us to the Earth’s seasonal patterns

-navigating holidays across the year in light of circadian and quantum truths

Eleventh Moon: Circadian and quantum daily schedules

You will have been learning for nearly a year at this point, and likely have started to make different lifestyle choices along the way. Now is the time to give it your all and really feel what it means to live a circadian and quantum lifestyle.

-2 week challenge to “give it a whirl” in real life!

-report back for accountability and discovery

Twelfth Moon: Overcoming habits and lifestyles detrimental to circadian and quantum health

Change is difficult. Whether you are taking this course for your own learning, or in order to be able to share this wisdom with others, change will be a part of it. This lifestyle is not yet mainstream! In these two lessons, you will learn specific strategies for dealing with social pressures as well as internal pressures that can stall or impede progress in the circadian and quantum lifestyle.

-social challenges and pressures at work and play

-personal challenges like mental health, addiction, inertia

Thirteenth Moon: Navigating questions that will likely arise from yourself and others in your life

Now it’s time to put everything together into a final project! In these final two lessons of your Circadian and Quantum Year, you can test your knowledge on paper and in real-time. This section is optional, but recommended.

-homework: create your own glossary of circadian and quantum terminology and your own FAQ sheet so you can practice answering questions about the circadian and quantum lifestyle

-Host a live FAQ or presentation on a circadian or quantum topic of your own choosing for your family or community

Nikko’s Coaching Experience

While going to university, I worked in marketing and found a passion in helping people set and make their business goals. Across those years of schooling, I ended up working with over 100 small business owners. I began coaching at the request of my clients, who saw that I enjoyed teaching and communicating my knowledge with them. Now that I have graduated and started my own full-time birth business, I see how translatable those business and marketing skills truly are! I’m excited to be able to combine the coaching skills I learned in business with my circadian and quantum perinatal expertise in this new program.

Credentials & Experience:

Certified Quantum Biology Practitioner (2023)

Certified Labor Doula with Trauma Informed Care (2023)

Various Web Design and Online Marketing Trainings (2014-2023)

B.S. in Biopsychology from the University of Oregon (2018)

CAPPA-trained Postpartum Doula (2011)

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